Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Camping on the river in the Alleghany Forest!

Original post from May 28,2010* published 10 years later 😏
4 days of adult camping with great friends.

We spent most of our time relaxing in the river which separated our camp area from the rest of the Forest. 1/4 mile distance on each side from any other camping site.

We hiked the mountain to some caves.

Climbed rocks and trees.

Swam & bathed in the river rock bottom river. Awoke & fell asleep to the sound of river flowing, just outside our tents.

We goofed off. Enjoyed each others company. Bonded great friendships and am making plans for another camping trip later in the year. The Captain will take some Vacation time & go with us on the next one. Between now & then, we will go out with our 3 wee ones and have a family camping vacation to enjoy in my favorite Forest.

I did come back to every plant I started for the garden..Dead or almost there. No one watered the trays while I was gone. So all garden plants have to be started over. Puts me back over a month. They are SO lucky I still have seed.
One of the hens laid a XXL size egg. The Captain swore he was going to find a dead hen after seeing that in the nest. He said his only thought was "every time she leaves, why does something always die on my watch?..". Poor thing. I forgave him for the plants but now he has to help extra time in the garden.

Sweet Dreams,


stella said...

Hey Tammie, glad ya hada good camping trip. The dead plants sound so familiar. Last spring the same thing happened to me. Left for my vacation, which I alas take alone, and came home to most of the garden seedlings dead and 2 guys saying "i dunno whut happened, we watered em las week" lol They couldnt tell they needed water everyday. Men......sigh

Connie Peterson said...

Lovely pictures .... sorry your seeds need to be reseeded ....

The Unusual Farmchick said...

I think I have a few stragglers in the flats! Just a few but I still had to start them all again. The landlord had a neighbor disc a 20X60 spot for me. It was so sweet of him! We start moving on the 1st but I have access to the garden before then. Need a truck load of composted manure and a good tilling to break it all up when this rain stops in 4 days...:( its killimg me not to play in the garden yet!

Connie Peterson said...

Did I miss something? You are moving? To a rental?

I have been out of touch with everyone for over a month. Please email me as I lost your email when I lost my computer. Thanks.


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